in all honesty

again with the snow

This winter has been kickin' my butt. Nothing is wrong. Everyone is fine. But as anyone who suffers from even a little bit of seasonal depression knows, it is never logical. My migraines have been unusually bad this winter (they are always worse in the winter) which of course makes me more depressed. It's a bad cycle.

But this too shall pass. I'm working on it, in all the ways I know how, but I just wanted to take myself off the hook here at this space. Someday I'll be back with art I've made and things I've sewn to show you. But for now, I'm backing off. I may stop in now and then with a few words or a photo. I need to give myself the freedom to step away from the internet when I feel that bad pressure (not the good, hopeful, inspirational kind) sneaking up on me. The kind that makes me feel like I can't keep up. Right now I need that freedom. So now you know.

Take good care,