Today is the day that the red buds are blooming. The day that the plum still has a few flowers left, and the viburnum is bursting with fragrance. It is the day that the lilacs are beginning to open and the tulips have not yet wilted. The day that the lettuces in the garden are beginning to look like lettuces, the spinach like spinach. The day to finally see a few broccoli sprouts coming up. It's the day to eat a piece of pumpkin cake with our breakfast. The day to make long list of to-dos and hopefully complete a few of them. The day to do a little computer work on the patio. The day for soccer practice- red faces, foot skills, water breaks, hard work. And the day that the girl might do cartwheels and make chains out of dandelions during practice.

So far, it's a good day. And tomorrow is my mom's birthday. : )