good things all around


First let me explain the photos. My mom just called me and said, "Jump in the car and bring your camera. You have to see this wisteria." A little annoyed, I did as I was told. Oh. My. It all twisty and tangled around a BIG pine tree- maybe 40 feet tall? And blooming all the way to the tippy top! Thanks, Mom. You were right. : )

Next I wanted to tell you I did a Show and Tell Home Tour over at The Stir. I was so flattered to be asked and a bit nervous, but it really was fun to toot our horns a little about all the work we've done around here.

Heather made a big announcement today. Did you see?! It's very, very exciting. She'll have more to share about it soon!

Martha and Jen are back at it again.

My little J has taken a quick overnight trip to St. Louis with his Grandma, aka Maw Maw, for a photo shoot tomorrow! Maw Maw is a Red Cross volunteer and J donates part of his allowance each week to the Red Cross ($1 a week, every little bit helps). They called to see if they'd be willing to have some publicity photos taken together. He's really excited about it. We all are.