the perfect kind of weekend

heart shaped doughnuts
doughnuts taste good

Already it's been the perfect amount of relaxing and just the right amount of busy and fun.

Last night we went out for a quick dinner*, ran into some friends, ran into the kids' dentist**, poked around Half Price Books, came home and built a fire outside. This morning we all slept in, and then N and I made these delicious doughnuts while Brian helped J with his book report. This afternoon we have plans with friends, and this evening J has a soccer game (on the turf under the lights at the fancy new soccer complex- so fun!). Happy Weekending to you too!

* With the constraints of my headache diet, fast food is pretty much out for us. We've discovered that Jason's Deli is quick and cheap and has many healthy options for all.*

** It's always so funny for the kids to run into someone out of context. You should have seen their faces when they saw their dentist eating next to us! They even felt too shy to say hello.**