it's official

summer is here

Summer vacation has begun. In all reality, we've been in summer mode for about a week. The last few days of school were only a technicality. To firm this up we've been doing all sorts of summer activities: grilling dinner, working and gardening into the evening, spending time with friends, picking berries, eating ice cream cones (to celebrate an excellent report card!), driving around with the windows down and music blaring. You know, important stuff like that.

And tonight the boys have a baseball game. There's nothing quite like watching the sun sink over the outfield wall, and as the warm sunlight fades, the tall lights buzz and flood the fields with a cool blue glow. Oh, stop. Quit rolling your eyes at that sentence. It is that good, and I am not being over-dramatic. (If you're in a baseball family, you know exactly what I mean.)

Anyway... I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ours is packed full of more perfectly summery activities.