formulating our summer plan

afternoon light
examining ants
laying a tiny stone path

N's day camp at her preschool was last week. J's soccer camp and tryouts are over. We've already gotten an excellent camping weekend and several patio/driveway get-togethers under our belts. And now we're looking at our first few really free, unstructured weeks of summer. Hooray!

I've assigned each kid a few little chores to complete every morning before they turn on any sort of screen or head outside. I'm making a list of things they might like to do and outings they'd like to take (like Martha made for her boys).

Inspired by my mom's neighbor, N and I started a little fairy garden in an old cracked birdbath top today. We'll show you the results at Cindy'sCraft Camp later this month. She's collecting a month's worth of great easy crafts to keep the kids busy. I'm already planning several of them for my munchkins.

And of course there are many unplanned delights to discover. Tonight we made happy hour milkshakes. Heck yeah! It's summer time, baby!