we heart the camping

Hello there!

home away from home

We're back from our long camping trip of the summer. We went to Buffalo Point on the Buffalo National River. It was peaceful and amazing. Also it was very hot, but the hot was fine by us. We didn't need much of an excuse to float around all day. Plus It cooled down nicely at night. We all slept like logs. Camping is the perfect family vacation for us. The kids took their first canoe trip. They played uno and mancala. They spent their money on little souvenirs- a fancy walking stick and a bug box. We caught frogs and heard rumors of rattlesnakes. Very large rattlesnakes. Without television and video games and computers to distract us, we reconnected with each other and nature. It sounds hoaky, but it's true. We didn't even get cell phone reception. It was much needed after the rough week before.

I wrote a long list of camping tips last year if you're interested. Check out the sweet photo of our dear, dear Petey in that post. Sniff, sniff.

A few of the best small people quotes of the camping week: N- "Are we in Arkansas yet? Do they speak another language in Arkansas?" J- "Hey mom. How do you make a vodka tonic?" I actually started to explain then thought better of it. N- "MOM. You REALLY need to get over this tick thing." J- "Hmmmm... is there anything left to burn?"

Come back on Thursday and visit me. We may have news about a new family member! Not. a. baby. You're not even funny. ; )