the leaning tower of blueberry jelly
oh yum, baby.

It always seems this time of year there's just so much. So much of everything. Kitchen counters fill with squash. Cucumbers stack up. The farmers market is bursting at the seams with food and people. Mom makes jars of pickles. I repay her with homemade blueberry jelly. Picking peaches and freezing tomatoes. Even the grocery stores are selling off produce cheap. The last of the summer activities overlap with the start of the fall ones. We squeeze in a few more trips to the pool but soccer practice starts. We take one last weekend to the lake right after we buy school supplies. Calls are made to friends to see who has which teacher. End of the summer pool parties. Last minute sleep-overs. I love summer and hate to see it go. But fall is exciting, full of fresh possibilities. It's enough to make an already-sentimental girl melt into a puddle.

A tired and thankful puddle.