summer in the palm of my hand

found: bird nest
berry shortcake
wasp nest

So this is my routine: I go in all nonchalantly. I pay and thank the nice photo guys. "Yes, thanks! You have a nice afternoon too." I can't open them right there, that might show that I'm anxious (which I am.) I drive about a half-mile to the first side street and pull over. Then I look through the photos slowly, one at a time, handing each one back to N if she's with me. When we're through the stack once, she gives them back and we drive on.

Sometimes I'm pleased, sometimes not so much. Today I was thrilled! Not only did I love most of the photos, they were a little gift wrapped in a white envelope. Just as the first cool fall-like breeze blew through the open car windows, I held in my hands a stack of 36 photos that represented our entire summer. That film had been in the camera all summer long, and I've been stingy with the photos, film or digital. Camping trips, hanging out in the yard, swimming in our friends' pool, get-togethers on the patio, summer food, vacations- only a few of each- but they were all there.

Thanks, film guys. You made my day and you don't even know it.