it was a day


It was one of those days. A little too rushed. A trip to the dentist. A little whining. A dog with a belly ache. Where is my backpack, mom? An expensive back pack full of soccer gear gone missing. A fuming mad mom. Late, late, late to soccer practice. An overheard conversation: the coach, stern words, too many excuses from the player (my player). Mom gets even more angry. Dad makes a quick dinner. More whining. Dad lectures. Dog does NOT want to go in the kennel again. A long drive to a lost and found. The dog goes for along for the ride. The door is locked. A wait for the key. Backpack found. Gear retrieved. The mood lifts. A little time on the playground. Dad stops lecturing. Mom apologizes. The boy jokes. He smiles. He promises to work harder at the next practice and keep better track of his stuff. A beautiful sunset. A discussion about sun rays. and cameras. A few minutes to spare before bedtime. The dog gets his walk.

(and the photos are unrelated to any of it. Nighty-night.)