a grouping


I love playing with film; this roll was much cheaper than the summer one, so I wasn't nearly as stingy. There were some pleasant surprises and some not so, but I was still happy. When I'm looking through a stack of photos, I often find myself automatically grouping the pictures by color or composition, sort of in the same way I sometimes find myself unconsciously counting stairs as I go up a long flight. What does that say about me and my brain? I'm a little ocd? Probably.

Our weekend was full and fun, although I did have a cold. (It's already much better.) We had quick house guests, and the kids had two separate sleep-overs. It's wonderful to start the week with a clean house.

This week feels slower and easier already. As I was pondering what to make for dinner tonight, my mom called and invited us for chicken and noodles. Score. I'm going to offer up an apple crisp. I think tomorrow I'll make pear butter. I made it a few years ago and it was really yummy. I need to hunt up that recipe. I hope you've got some good stuff in store this week too.

Happy Monday!