small changes


for the growing girl. N and I spruced up her room last week. Nothing drastic, just small changes. Since it was so tidy in there this morning, I thought I'd share.

I got the little side table for a couple bucks at a thrift store and she picked the color- sweet pea pink. She really needed something by her bed to keep her class of water and a lamp. This entire room is thrifted or second-hand, even the bedding. And so frilly, happy, girlie! The little desk and vanity chair are from Good Ju Ju. Local friends, go there- it's really fun. The vanity mirror was my great-aunt's freshened up with the same pink.

I included the photo of the stretching pup because it gives you a good idea of how small her room really is. That rug is 5 x 7 feet. We have to be diligent about cleaning up toys in there or it becomes overwhelming very quickly. Actually, most of her toys moved out which instantly made her room look so much more grown up. She loves it, and that's all I wanted.