10 • 28

we love this holiday

It's almost Halloween! Woooo hoooo! Back in our childless days, Brian and I always had a big rockin' costume party the Saturday before Halloween. There were scary decorations, and gory costumes and kegs of beer and greasy appetizers. As the years have rolled along and the children around us increased, we've tamed ourselves considerably (as we should). Somewhere along the line our party fizzled out, but our love of this holiday seems to have been passed down to our monkeys.

A friend of my mom's had a pumpkin carving party last weekend- with a reggae band and a caricature artist and a giant table full of yummy food. We put together the kids' costumes, went to their school parties, and also went to Trunk-or-Treat. We've had a couple days off school and we've been hanging out with friends. And we're still looking forward to more fun this weekend! Last night while we were snuggled up on the couch watching The Great Pumpkin, N told me that Halloween might be her favorite holiday of all. "Me too!" I said.

Stay safe on Sunday!