the weekend

rachel talks with her hands

Back in early January some veryspecialfriends came to town for a visit. It was the weekend of Heather's book signing. I knew we would all get along just fine, and we did. It was a most wonderful way to start the new year. 

I've known these women for several years- through their websites and their photos, the beautiful things they create, the inspiring projects they work on- but we had never met in person. So many times during the weekend we would be talking or eating, or looking at artwork, or taking photos of each other taking photos, and we would burst with laughter, tears in our eyes, like old friends, old friends who have known each other for years. Because, really, we are. And we have.

We lounged around. We ate Rachel's stew. We thrifted. We talked art, architecture, families, cameras. We went out to eat. We went to the opening and were thrilled for Heather and Rachel to sign our books. We meandered at the Nelson. We hugged and said goodbye and had tears in our eyes again.

I was afraid going into the weekend that it would pass too quickly (and of course it did) but I was also keenly aware the entire time just how wonderful it was that we were really together and that I was having a great time. I had to type this up before I get back to writing about what I'm working on or things my family has been up to. I wanted this for my own memory and also as a thank-you card to these ladies.

Thank you, Martha. Thank you, Erin. Thank you, Emily. Thank you for making this happen. I am lucky to count you as friends, and I can't wait to see you all again!

r a e e h m