hello again.

pots n pans

Hello, friends! I came and said I'd be here a little more, and then I up and disappeared again! Sorry. We've been hanging out at home. I had a bad cold last week (so did Brian) that sapped all of my energy. Staying upright was a feat in itself. And now poor N has the cold but is recovering more quickly than I did. It's pretty much the first time any of us have been sick since before Thanksgiving; it's been a nice, healthy winter for us.

:: knock on wood ::

I've been working on my VQB quilt. Remember that? I know- so long ago. I was short a few squares, so I made a couple more myself and assembled the top. It's all sandwiched up and ready to quilt, but my sewing machine is acting up. Again. I'll try to limp through it and get it quilted this weekend, so I can take the machine in on Monday. While I'm hand sewing the binding next week, I plan to watch Downton Abbey. All my internet buddies are raving- gotta see what the fuss is about.

So... all I'm really saying is that I'm hoping to finish a quilt in the next few days. I'll share it soon. Happy Weekend!