the vqb quilt

the quilt is done.
it's hard to photograph a quilt

There's just something about a quilt. Especially one you've made yourself, one that you pull out of the dryer and wrap up in while it's still warm. This is the Virtual Quilting Bee quilt, and it's completely inspired by this amazing quilt. The back is a piece of thrifted chenille. The backing dictated the size of the quilt. It's about 4 feet x 5 feet- perfect for snuggling on the couch but too small for a bed. I wanted it simple, simple, simple. It's assembled from 12 nine-patch squares (made by the quilting bee ladies) with plain white sashing all around. I intended it for our bedroom, but I think it'll stay down here. I love it too much not to show it off.

And on an entirely related note, I may have the quilting bug. I have something like this one in mind for J's room. I'm not the only one smitten with the new quilt.