my favorite cookbook


Hello again.

It's been awhile. Do you usually stick with the same few cookbooks like I do? I can't help it. My Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book that I received as a wedding gift is well-used and dogeared. As is the Betty Crocker. When I read online someone raving over a cookbook I usually check it out from my library. Recently I'd read a lot about Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys, and Erin said she loves it. (I'd pretty much trust Erin with my life- she's just one of those people.) I waited quite awhile in the queue for that one, and brother, it was worth it! It's just my kind of cookbook- straight forward, not fussy, hearty food. It's the first cookbook in ages that I've wanted to buy for myself.

Honestly what usually happens is I check out a cookbook from the library and photocopy a recipe or two. (Or print one out from the internet!) If successful, I'll put them into my best cookbook of all time: the three-ring recipe binder my mom started for me when I went away to college. It's just a binder with dividers and blank paper. She gave it to me with several of my childhood favorites already inside. Yet another thing I need to thank my mom for. Fifteen years later, it's stuffed full of my favorite recipes- I've actually had to replace the binder a few times.

Thanks, Mom. : )