friday milkshakes

strawberry milkshakes

I've been plagued with brutal headaches all week. I thought the problem was all the chocolate I sneaked from the kids' Easter baskets, but they persist even days after I stopped. Hmmmm. But end-of-the-week strawberry milkshakes are a good cure for pretty much everything. (Milk, strawberries, vanilla ice cream) Yum!

This weekend I'm looking forward to:

• getting back to the shred (the headaches kept me away the last three days)

• a girls' night on a friend's patio this evening

• a long hike and a picnic with a lively group of 6 yr old girls

• a soccer game

• a 40th birthday party

• a couple of long walks with the dog

• testing out the newly repaired (again) sewing machine!

Have a great weekend, friends!