a whole lot about nothing much

in the rain

But I'll tell you about it anyway, just so I have something to post about.

Around here we set the table for the four of us the same way each time. Two big plates and two small plates. Two big forks, two small. And even though the kids often eat just as large a portion as we adults do, they still prefer it that way.

I've been so busy. I had a mural job for a client whose playroom I painted several years ago. I did three kids' rooms in her new house and had a great time working during the day like a normal person! I am very excited about drumming up some more mural business now.

Family photo shoot season has indeed begun, which means I am spending a lot more time sitting at the computer editing photos. I have discovered Spotify and it's genious.

The weather has cooled off. Today I wore jeans. I was happy and sad about it. This morning was also the first time I've wanted a hot beverage in quite awhile. Actually, I might go make a cup of rooibos right now. Sometimes I really miss coffee.

We went our friends' wedding in Lawrence Saturday night, and I learned a few things: I am happy that there are people like these friends in this world. Look at this cake. N is a dancing fool. And loves cake. J is self-conscious when he dances. But he looks handsome in a tie. Cucumber gin rickeys sound odd, but taste amazing.

J is singing in his school choir. He has also decided to try out playing the trombone in the band. The choice has me giggling a little- it's a big instrument for a such a small guy. But really, I'm excited for him. I hope he likes it. I can't stop singing "seventy-six trombones in the big parade..." in my head.

I got an email about student council at the kids' school. I asked N if she'd like to do it. She said, "Sure!" (silence) "What's student council?"

She's had a serious fear of bitewing x-rays at the dentist. But today she overcame it and did it. So to celebrate, we went to the Target dollar section and bought cheap, packaged cotton candy. Good mom, huh?

Our dog Jerry is a serious runner-awayer. I mean the second he's off the leash or loose he takes off. And FAST! But we took him hiking this weekend bravely let him off leash. He stayed right by our sides. It was so nice.

Well, I'll stop. I could go on forever with worthless little tidbits.

Take good care,