girls weekend away


I had a girls' weekend away with some of my besties at a sweet little lake house that belongs to my friend's mom. It's sandwiched between a perfectly tiny lake, Legge Lake- hence the legs, and a river.

We took one short boat ride, and then the cool, damp weather kept us inside the rest of the time. We flopped around on big pillows by the roaring fire watching Sixteen Candles and eating too many snacks. Jake Ryan, you handsome devil, where have you gone? Apparently to Pennsylvania to make furniture. Sigh. Love that.

A few (too many?!) beers and glasses of wine (and something resembling an adult cherry limeade) were consumed which in turn produced much laughing, dancing, old story telling, and other such merriment. It was really, really fun. It's good to have these sorts of friends.

And then Sunday, feeling all thankful, I came home to read this. So... Girls? Are you reading? I love you guys.