ready or not...


... here it comes. Are you ready? I feel ready. The kids in our extended family are growing up, and really, they just want money or a gift card to help them with that next big thing they're saving for. So there's just not much shopping to do. (Hallelujah.) I've already started on some handmade gifts. I'll flickr them if you're at all interested. Are you?

Is anyone even still reading here? Hello? I'll pretend that you're still there. (Crickets.)

Anyway... where was I? Shopping's nearly done. Hot cocoa is at the ready. Our little advent socks are up, although #24 has mysteriously vanished. Some simple holiday activities are underway. We're getting our tree tomorrow too. Tonight was cozy. It's rainy, and we discovered Words with Friends, and we all (my mom at her house, my sister and niece at theirs, Brian, J, and I- with N as my helper- here at home) played each other on our iPods and phones. This could be a problem. A big problem. I'm really going to try to be here a little more this month. I don't know why- or what I'll write about even. But I miss it. Will you stop in and say 'hello' once in awhile? (Crickets.)

Yawn. Okay then. Nighty night.