vistors welcome

visitors welcome!

Hello! Guess what?! N's little fairy garden has had some visitors! First Violet (the flower fairy) stopped by and gave her a note and four teeny tiny flower pots. He asked for a bed, so she quickly outfitted the house with one and some furniture from her doll house. And then the other night Daisy (the flower fairy) stopped in and left her a little mailbox so they all can exchange notes. N left a note with a drawing and Buttercup answered her back. And then Papa brought her some tiny garden gnomes to keep watch when the fairies aren't around. She is loving it!

We big people have been busy trying to spruce up our human-sized yard. I'm pondering vegetables. I'm really not so great at it, but N really wants to grow her own food. I'm thinking of planting both raised beds with something fun and easy like pumpkins. I really want a fruit tree, but we have lots of cedars in surrounding yards, and I've heard that apples and pears don't do well if there are cedars nearby. Any suggestions? J and I would both kill for some chickens, but our city is just not (sub)urban chicken friendly. You have to have a yard larger than 3 acres to have them without a permit, and they reject all the permits folks with smaller yards apply for. Sigh.

Speaking of gardening, I have been stalking tend trying to spark something. The ladies all over there are so quietly inspirational. I'm also craving a visit to Heather's garden in person- that yard of hers always makes me want to get my hands dirty. Can I come sometime soon, H? : )