waka waka!


...or as N said, "Wanka, wanka!" We went to the Wakarusa Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas, and yes, we took the kids with us. And although the weather was weird the whole time, it was really great fun. Here are our observations:

•The children LOVED. IT.

•Hippies are pretty dirty- thus the nickname dirty hippies. (I'm just being honest, I'm sorry.) •We are a little bit hippyish ourselves, so we do not find dirty offensive. But we do love a nice hot shower. •Just as expected, the people watching was stellar.

•Many hippies with children do not supervise their children. At. All. (just saying.)

•We had long talks about over-drinking and grown-up language, but really with so much action and fresh air and wind and music, it all went right over their heads.

•We skipped the drug-use discussion all together, which was fine. (again, over their heads.)

•The camping was too tight and crowded and loud even in the "family section" to be enjoyable. After two nights, we packed up and moved to a beautiful, nearby, little national park campground on the river with a nice swimming hole.

•The music was great. Really wonderful. All types.

•The Avett Brothers are AMAZING. They're even better live than I imagined.

•The Ozark Mountains are always gorgeous, but storms come on hot and heavy. And fast.

The kids are already talking about going back next year. We'll just have to wait and see if my Avett Brothers return...