time flies, people, and it's fine

apple pie in the oven

(Just a few photos I like together.)

Hello! Summer has ended, officially even. School started long before that, and the kids have accepted the routine pretty gracefully.

On our vacation to Colorado this summer, we listened to a young man talk about his life of guiding river rafters there six months of the year and then in New Zealand the other six. I thought about how buttoned up our life is. Back in my teen years I imagined myself in California becoming a surfer girl by day, my husband waiting for me in the Volkswagen Vanagon to go off hiking in the mountains in the evening. Have I ever surfed a day in my life? No. I've never even been to California. For a moment I was sad for what wasn't. But as soon as it came, that thought passed. What we have is so much better (for us), and it IS oh-so buttoned up. These children of ours thrive on our boring and stable life. They seem happy, and so are we. There is always talk in this crafty/mommy blogging world of rhythm and connection, living mindfully and fully in the moment. As my kids get older I find for me these words are impossible to live up to.

Life is busy. It does simplify things to say NO to a lot, and we try. But we also have to say YES a lot too. YES means schlepping to baseball and gymnastics and Junior Master Gardeners, friends' houses and birthday parties. We still eat dinner together, but it may be early or late, or even (gasp!) in the car. Life changes, and it's okay. Of course it's silly to be wishing for the next activity, day, season, phase of life. But it happens- especially when today was crappy. Living in the past is stupid too. That's common sense. We must wade through the crappy days and the happy ones. It's important to soak up the laughter and tickling fights, because soon enough they will turn into tears. And as my husband says, never say no to a game of catch or a push on the swing, because soon enough they won't ask anymore. But looking ahead is a necessary part of life. We have to prepare ourselves and our kids for the future. That's our job as parents. We have to work and find a way to save money because these kids will want to go to college. And looking back is just as inevitable. Memories are one of the sweetest things we have as humans. 

I was picking through some old photos and was marveling at my kids' bald baby heads and round toddler cheeks. They looked like different people then, people I used to know but don't anymore. Seeing those faces takes me right back, and I'm so glad to go once in awhile. So really where am I going with all of this? I don't know. Nowhere really. I'm just popping in to explain why I don't have the time to pop in more. I don't have time to visit all the blogs I use to, and even when I do, I often don't relate as well. I miss my old blogging friends. I miss taking photos just for fun. But life is busy. We're busy doing our best as parents and humans and for now, we are good.