full disclosure

making breakfast

I'm having trouble with the blogging. Yes, I'm busy lately, but also, I just don't want to do it. One of the reasons that I've been having a hard time with the internet world I used to love is that it's unrealistic. And hard to live up to. And somewhat elitist. So in my own little attempt to keep it real, here goes:

I don't think I've ever seen a Woody Allen movie.

I've watched the Hangover about 20 times.

I like listening to pop music with N. It makes me feel peppy.

I don't know if this shop thing is going to be worth it. Two months in and I'm leaning towards no. (Sigh.) It's great fun, don't get me wrong! But it's an awful lot of work for very. little. return. And by return, I mean money.

I haven't been feeling all that well lately. I'm pretty sure it's a lack of exercise. I have never been a fitness-y kind of gal, but this is possibly the laziest (exercise-wise) I've ever felt in my life. I need to change that. NOW.

I drastically reduced my feed subscriptions and flickr contacts this morning. It was time.

I haven't been sticking with my headache diet AT ALL lately and I can really tell. I need to try harder.

I haven't taken a film photo in over a year? Really? I bet that's right.

I hate those competition shows like American Idol and The Voice. SO boring. But I secretly love watching that terrible Kardashian show. I justify it by saying that they are a tight-knit family and all work really hard. Well, except for Rob...

I am a judgmental person. My one resolution for this year is to try to be more empathetic and understanding.

I get really jealous of STUFF. I try not to, but I do. Everyone I know has an iPhone and/or an iPad. And we don't. And their kids are decked out in NorthFace this or that. And they drive nice cars- the kind that don't break down while driving in Western Kansas. And they go on all kinds of fancy trips. For us there's always more pressing stuff to spend money on. You know, like groceries. Deep down I know I'm silly to feel bad. How on earth will I teach my children that stuff is not that important, if it bothers me so much?! My strategy so far is I just try to hide it.

I eat pretty well- lots of fruits and veggies. But I also eat WAY too much butter. And I have NO willpower when it comes to carbs.

We primarily shop at Walmart grocery store. GASP!

I loved the Twilight books. I held off reading them forever, but then when I started I couldn't put them down for like two weeks straight and then finally, I emerged to clean up the house and cook dinner. Also, this series. Entertaining sci-fi smut. But I was OBSESSED.

So there. I hope I can think of something to come back here and talk about soon.