a lot going on

child's table

We've got a lot going on here- here are the highlights: It's a First Friday weekend! See the little painted table and chairs up above? Brocante Bliss - 1222 W. 12th Street. Visit the Brocante Bliss facebook page for details. The kids both had birthdays. 12 and 8. There was a sleepover, a family party, and a luau with 13 little ladies. I'm going to show you the luau cake tomorrow. Someone got a cell phone. (NOT an iphone. The kid is NOT getting an iphone before I do. I forbid it.) Brian decided it was time to (finally) remodel our upstairs bathroom, so he ripped out much of it Sunday. There's all kinds of messy going on in there as we figure out how to do this on the cheap, but nice. I don't want to sacrifice the nice. We're all going to be sharing one bathroom for awhile, but it will be worth it... it will be worth it... it will be worth it... right? We're planning a couple of vacations. Good places with family. And trying to figure out when we can squeeze a little camping trip in too. J is playing on a tournament baseball team this Spring/Summer. It's pretty low key, but it means several weekends will be occupied with baseball. The weather has been crazy (Monday- balmy 75 degrees. Tues- dropping temps and rain. Today- blowing snow. Thurs- frigid cold.) Well, I'll be working Friday and Sunday this weekend- come down and see if you'd like! xo.