feb 10

I have suffered from headaches for many years. There is a diet that helps me, that I mostly follow while cooking and eating at home, but they've still been bad this winter. I recently read an article that said a sensitivity to wheat can contribute to chronic headaches, so I've gone wheat free (except for an unfortunate incident involving a donut, ahem) for a couple of weeks now. I'm unsure if it's helping the headaches or not, but one thing is for sure. I FEEL BETTER. My head feels clearer. That 3pm lull that I usually get is gone. And I'm just feeling more energetic in general.

So I'm dabbling my toes into gluten free baking. I don't think I've ever had any digestion issues with wheat or gluten, so it's not like it will hurt me to eat some now and then. But if I keep feeling this good, I may just start cooking and baking wheat free here at home from now on.