feb 14

Even though today is the 18th, I labeled this post feb 14 since it's about our Valentine's Day. My kids have always been the kids who find a shoebox, cut a hold in the top, decorate it with paper and stickers and call it good. After her friends started bringing their boxes into class, N reallly wanted to up her game. (I blame the darned Pinterest.) So we, of course, searched Pinterest and found this photo. This is the first time I've ever had to even help on the box, and I admit, I did MOST of this one. Oy.


Then we found these free printable Valentines and attached heart shaped melted crayons. I was glad to include a non-candy treat. Wow, did she get too much candy.

The other kid is just too old for Valentines, except to receive one from Mom and Dad and another from Grandma and Papa. (Quiet cheers from me!)

We went out for an early dinner and then, reluctantly on my part, went to the Lego movie. It was GREAT. It's very visually intense, but it was SO flippin' funny! I highly recommend it for older kids. Even the sulky teenager liked it.