in the kitchen on father's day

Today for Father's Day breakfast the kids and I made eggs salad sandwiches, sweet apple iced tea, and fruit salad for Brian. We used bacon instead of pancetta and some mild dill havarti cheese we had in the fridge instead of the gorgonzola the recipe called for. (I love sharp cheeses but they give me the dreaded migraines.) The sandwiches were simple and yummy, and we all decided they'd make a GREAT brunch choice when serving a big group of people. The tea was good, but just a bit too sweet for us. 


I also wanted to mention one other headache-friendly find I've been enjoying lately. I gave up caffeine long ago. It does me in. I adore coffee, but even decaffeinated doesn't agree with me much. One day a Whole Foods guy suggested Teeccino. I've tried the original and hazelnut flavors and they are both excellent. Very coffee-like, with a wee bit of sugar and a splash of half-n-half.  I've made it in the regular coffee pot, but I like it best made in the french press I swiped from my mom. 

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! I've been blessed with some great fathers in my life- my own dear dad, my kind father-in-law Tom, and my sweet, sweet Brian. Thanks, fellas. You're the BEST.