We do Christmas gifts fairly simply in our family. It has prompted some quiet conversation with the kids regarding the differences in how other families handle it. It's no better or worse; it's just how we decided to do it when they were babies, and it still works for us.

Our kids each get three gifts + stockings. Santa fills their stockings with goodies and brings one (unwrapped) gift for each of them. The last few years they have gone in together and asked Santa for something big (ie: iPad, xbox). Then we get them one smaller thing, and I make them something. There's never been that mad rush of scrambling and unwrapping and mayhem on Christmas morning. Of course they also get gifts from their grandparents and aunts and uncles too, so they're not deprived- that's for sure. They get plenty of loot!

So... on to their handmade gifts. J once again asked for warm pajamas. I love that boy. A quick pair of gray fleece p.j. bottoms and a thrifted thermal shirt and he was good to go. And I made N a new travel pillow. She's had one I made on her bed for years, and it was worn out and pretty gross- the pillow itself and the pillowcase. In my usual style, I waited until the day before the kids and I left on the train on our holiday trip to put these gifts together. Master Procrastinator strikes again! I take my title very seriously.