I built something-

I really built something!

Hey, look at that! I built a couch! 

In the great purge this summer I sold all of the odds and ends of furniture off our patio. I wanted to replace it with a sectional couch, but have you ever priced those suckers? Yikes. I'm not going to pay that for an outdoor couch. Especially, when we really could use a new indoor couch.

So... I found these plans and I think I spent about $200 on the whole thing, including stain and cushions. I bought the blue cushions years ago for a different project and they've been in the basement unused. I was so thrilled to work them into this project! I did have to hunt down the back pillows at the end-of-season clearance at IKEA.

As far as the plans and execution went, it was straight forward and fairly easy. But after sitting on one and having it collapse underneath me, I ended up using TONS more screws than she recommended to sturdy the whole thing up. And we borrowed our friend's paint sprayer for the stain, which was soooooo fast. Brian sprayed and I followed with a brush. If you ever make something this big, use a sprayer. It was a life (and back) saver!

Anyone want to come over for a cocktail on the patio?